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Moving Tips and Resources page

Moving Tips from the Pro's

These 5 simple tricks will make your next move less painful, and save you time and money:
Calgary Moving Tip 1 Be Fully Packed and Use the Proper Supplies ? Using proper cartons, packing paper and supplies will make your move a whole lot easier

We can move by the Box or the Arm-full. Boxes are much faster!
Calgary Moving Tip 2 Label Label Label - Label each box with the room name, its basic contents
Calgary Moving Tip 3 Think ahead ? Know where you want your belongings to go in your new home.

Remember - You pay for our backs! Placement takes no extra time.
Calgary Moving Tip 4 When in doubt ? Chuck it out! ? Less stuff means less cost.
- Have a garage sale
- Have a purge
Calgary Moving Tip 5 Safety First - Move treasured items and personal documents yourself.

Packing Takes Time and Energy
To save money, some customers prefer to pack some, or all, of their own goods. This can be economical - if you have both the time and the proper materials.

Our experience has shown that it takes two people at least two to three days, without professional assistance, to prepare and pack the contents of an average three-bedroom home.

It is also very important to use the proper packing containers and wrapping materials. Improperly packed items can be easily damaged or broken. Odd size cartons constructed of improper materials or without lids take longer to load and move, increasing your moving charges and risk of damage. We recommend that you purchase proper packing materials from your mover.

Deciding What to Pack
Your T-R consultant can help you decide which items should be packed by professionals. We recommend that all breakables should be packed by professionals, including extremely fragile items such as marble which should be crated in protective wooden cases.

Choosing the Right Materials
We can provide you with containers and packing material designed specifically for moving. If the cartons are returned in good condition, you may receive a rebate. The following is a list of some of the materials available through T-R:

China Barrel Dishes, Fine China, Glass
Mirror/Picture Carton Mirrors, Art
Mattress Carton or Plastic Cover (various sizes) Mattresses
Wardrobe Clothes and Drapes
Chandelier Container Chandeliers/Light Fixtures
Small Carton (2 cu. ft.) Books and Small, Heavy Items
Medium Carton (4 cu. ft.) Groceries, Pots and Pans, Small Appliances
Large Carton (5 cu. ft.) Linen, Stuffed Toys and Light, Bulky Items
Utility Cartons Brooms, mops, garden tools, guns and other loose items
Bubble Wrap Wrapping of Dishes and Other Fragile Items
Packing Paper Wrapping of Breakables
Stretch Wrap Covering sofas and chairs to prevent soiling
Tape Sealing Cartons

How to Pack

  • Before placing items in cartons, make sure they are adequately wrapped in newsprint
  • Place a cushion of crumpled paper at the bottom of the carton
  • Always pack heavier items at the bottom of the carton
  • As you pack, layer your goods, packing the same or similar-sized items in one layer
  • Pack cartons as tightly as posible to minimize movement
  • Do not pack higher than the top of the carton, as it must be closed and scaled
  • Pack no more then 50 pounds in a carton
  • Identify your cartons by contents and by room
  • Be sure to identify fragile cartons

Packing Dishes and Glassware

  • Wrap all pieces individually with enough newspaper or bubble wrap to create a cushion effect
  • Do the same for decorative pieces or bric-a-brac

What Not to Pack

  • Valuables, such as jewellery, furs, coins and stamps should be moved by you personally
  • Do not pack any hazardous items, including paints, aerosol cans, explosives, corrosive, propane tanks, firearms and ammunition
  • It is not necessary to remove clothing from dresser drawers - these can normally be moved with contents intact

Ask Your Consultant
If you have any questions regarding packing methods or materials, rely on your T-R consultant for helpful, friendly information. Our experience will help to make your packing job easier and faster.

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